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A Place in the Sun - Channel 4 Programme

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On Channel 4's 20 Best Places To Buy In The Sun Amanda Lamb chose her 20 recommended property destinations.

The programme has been broadcast several times in January including at the prime time 8 p.m. slot, which is seen by up to 3 million viewers. The criteria for evaluating the hot spots were the "three p's" price, practicalities and potential and the 20 destinations were ranked one to twenty.

Millions of viewers saw the highly rated TV show clearly demonstrate what many of us had always thought: one cannot surpass the Algarve in terms of good value for money, easy access and great long term potential!

Here is the full list:

Rank Location Description
1 The Algarve Golf courses, beaches, sun - no wonder it's number one
2 Cape Town Africa's property hot spot still offers investment potential.
3 Turkey The country with something for everyone
4 Slovenia One of the most beautiful places in the world.
5 Limousin Beautiful scenery and quiet farming villages and as yet relatively undiscovered.
6 Bulgaria A cheaper Costa del Sol with houses for the price of a second hand family car in the uk
7 Teruel The cheapest place to buy in Spain
8 Croatia Once a tragic war zone now a highly desirable destination
9 Cyprus A taste of home with added sun and sand
10 Normandy Not just a holiday home - you could live here and work in England
11 Barcelona One of the most expensive places to buy property in Europe. But worth every penny.
12 Cape Verde Great beaches, fantastic surf and wonderful weather
13 Tuscany Find the population of Islington on their summer hols
14 Costa del Sol Still famous after all these years
15 Down Under Youth and action in Australia, peace, solitude (and cheaper prices) in New Zealand
16 Florida The no1 long haul destination for British buyers and scene of a classic tv series.
17 Marrakech Hang out in the Medina with Richard Branson and the Rolling Stones
18 St Kitts and Nevis If you're not intimidated by self-build or the long haul this could be for you.
19 French Riviera (Cannes, St Tropez, Monaco) If conspicuous consumption is your thing and you don't mind paying 10 for a coffee.
20 Dubai Modern buildings and a booming market. It used to be all sand round here.