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Foot Golf Algarve

Fun for all the family.
  • Max 5 players per group. Players aged 14 and under should be supervised by an adult.
  • Keep up with the group ahead. If not, allow the group behind to pass through.
  • The ball must be stationary and kicked with the foot, and not rolled, pushed or stepped on.
  • Order of Play for Tee Shots. For the first hole, players agree the order of play between themselves. Subsequently, the hole is played in the order of success for the previous hole, lowest scorer plays first and shows the way.
  • During play, the player farthest from the hole plays first. If someone's ball is in the way, its position can be marked and temporarily removed to allow a clear shot.
  • Please do not remove the flags from any hole.
  • If balls collide. Off the green, balls can remain where they land. On the green, balls should be replaced at their starting positions and the shot retaken. Balls can be marked and temporarily removed where necessary.
  • On the fairway, a ball may be moved up to 1 metre to a preferred lie, not nearer the hole.
  • If your ball is obstructed by any loose natural object (stones, twigs, leaves etc), such items can be swept aside without penalty.
  • To resolve any other problem, the ball may be moved no nearer the hole for a 1 shot penalty.
Most important rule is have fun!!