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We recommend Eurofinesco who provide a service for non residents and off-shore companies to provide fiscal representation and the submitting of annual tax returns in Portugal. Please read on to discover the importance of this role. At the bottom of this page you will find an application form for you to download for your convenience.


Fiscal Representation is a Must
Dennis Swing Greene

When investing in property in Portugal, many non-residents fail to realise that they are required to designate a Fiscal Representative to assure they meet any tax obligations that may arise. Even without income, a fiscal representative is mandatory when first acquiring a Portuguese Tax Number (Cartão de Contribuinte).

Changes in legislation have dramatically altered the duties and obligations of the Fiscal Representative. Along with new responsibilities and revised enforcement practices, this once benign position has turned into a potential nightmare for both the unwary service provider and the non-compliant property owner. Under the recently reformed version of the “General Law on Taxation”, a Fiscal Representative can even be held accountable for paying any outstanding taxes of their delinquent representee.

While some of this legislation is new, much of it has been on the books for many years. In the past, the tax authorities habitually turned a blind eye to tax requirements of most foreigners in Portugal. While there are many explanations for past lack of implementation, the important point is that this practice has changed substantially. Foreigners, whether resident or non-resident, have become prime targets for tax audits. Property managers, lawyers and the like, currently acting as Fiscal Representatives, are often at a loss to mount a proper defence in fiscal inspections.

Using qualified professionals as your Fiscal Representative does much more than just provide you with just the bare minimum. Whether helping you to get off to a good start, keeping you informed about important changes, or saving you money in the long run, comprehensive Fiscal Representation services add real value to your investment.

Asset Protection: Your property is a major investment. If basic requirements go unmet or are not completed correctly, your property could be at serious risk. Having a qualified professional Fiscal Representative should be considered a prerequisite, not an add-on.

Fiscal Requirements for Property Owners: Meeting tax obligations is a matter of Law. It is essential to be fully compliant while paying the legal minimum. Your Fiscal Representative should be able to defend successfully in case of an audit.

Resourcing Information to Owners: Portugal is often a difficult country for obtaining accurate, reliable information. When changes occur in legislation that may impact your situation, you need to be up-to date on current requirements and the steps that are needed to stay compliant.

Liaison between Finanças and Property Owners: It is essential to have a Fiscal Representative who knows the in’s and out’s of the Portuguese bureaucracy. When called to task by the authorities, you’ll want someone who is knowledgeable and experienced to sort out any problems that may arise.

Dennis Swing Greene is an International Fiscal Consultant and Senior Partner at EuroFinesco S.A. with offices in the Algarve and in Lisbon. Appointments may be scheduled in Guia (Albufeira) at 289 561333 or in Lisbon (Chiado) at 21 3424210 or by e-mail at or on the internet at

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