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``##Your Villa Club Holiday Accommodation```:blue

Please take time to read this useful information guide. The enclosed notes are designed to provide assistance and information to make your stay all the more enjoyable. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our office hours are :red9h00 - 18h00 Monday - Friday:red9h00 - 13h00 Saturday:redTel: 289 390 500:redA 24 hour emergency service is available on Tel: 289 390 509``:red

Enjoy your stay!

[[ left]]##Villa Club Bonus Card

  <p align="justify"class="style1">Each Villa Club client is given a Bonus Card for use during their stay. The 'Bonus Card' offers you a range of discounts at many local restaurants and shops. 
    It can also be used at our own Villa Club Tennis Centre. Special 'Bonus Card' rates are available at our new Villa Club Hair and Beauty Salon. Read on for details of treatments available plus price list. An up to date list of current participating establishments can be found on the &#145;Bonus Card&#146; flyer received on arrival together with the keys to your property.</div> 
  <div align="center"><hr>
 <div class="style3"   <p><img src="" width="121" height="163" align="right">

Central Algarve Magazine

An invaluable guide to finding your way around the local Almancil area. The magazine includes a useful map, restaurant and business listings and many items of general interest. Further copies can be obtained from our office located on the road from Vale do Lobo to Almancil, approx. 500 M on the right from the Vale do Lobo ‘T’ junction (Map Ref: H4).

Damage Deposits

ON ARRIVAL, YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR A DAMAGE DEPOSIT. Most of our clients prefer to leave a signed credit card slip but cash is equally acceptable. This is kept until after you have departed. The accommodation is then checked and your deposit, less any damages, is returned to you at the address you have provided. Deposits are returned approximately 1 week after departure. It is obviously in everyone’s interests if you report any damages or problems with your accommodation directly to our office during your stay.

  <div align="left" class="style3">Maid Service</div>
  </br> <img src="" width="226" height="149" align="right">
  <div align="justify" class="style1">This service is subject to the number of bedrooms in your villa and includes making  beds, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping or mopping floors and wiping kitchen 
    surfaces. Washing up is not included - dishwasher liquid/tablets can be purchased at local supermarkets. Towels are normally changed once per  week and linen after 7 days occupation. Maid service is not provided at weekends or Bank Holidays. Rubbish removal is not part of the maid service. Please ensure you dispose of rubbish on a daily basis. Please see 'Useful Information' to find out the location of the nearest rubbish bins. PLEASE  DO NOT SEND THE MAIDS AWAY AND ASK THEM TO RETURN LATER. THEY ARE WORKING TO A TIGHT SCHEDULE AND MAY NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN.</div></br></br>
   <img src="" width="226" height="172" align="left"><hr>
Repairs and Maintenance
  <div align="justify" class="style1">It is inevitable that items will require repair or replacement from time to time. In such cases all efforts will be made to carry out any necessary work as soon 
    as possible with the minimum of inconvenience to yourselves. To assist us in this we kindly request your co-operation to avoid some of the most  common problems: Please  raise and lower window shutters gently and smoothly. Do not jerk or force  the mechanism since this will only jam the shutter. Please note a charge will be made for any shutters that are found to be jammed.<hr>
  <span class="style3">Security</span><img src="" width="279" height="140" align="right">
  <div align="justify" class="style1">Please be vigilant  and careful with your valuables, travel documents and passports. It is important to take the same common sense precautions whilst on holiday 
    as you would at home. In particular please ensure that whenever you leave your villa or apartment, all doors, windows and shutters are closed. It is prudent to follow this practice, at least in part, whilst in the property or garden when certain rooms may be out of view. Money and valuables should be kept under lock and key, preferably in the safe, if provided, at the property or alternatively a safety deposit box which can normally be hired in your local reception. Try not to leave valuables in the car, especially whilst visiting the beach. Also do not carry all your valuables in one bag.</br>
    Loss of valuables should be reported to the police immediately and to  your local reception. When making insurance claims a police report will  be required. In the event of a break-in or an attempted break-in the GNR (local police) must be called immediately (<b>289 351 530</b> / Emergency - <b>112</b>). Should you require any assistance in making reports to the local police, please be aware that a charge will be made for the time involved. </div><br>
 </br></br><hr><img src="" width="130" height="175" align="left">

Garden / Pool Maintenance

The garden and pool will be attended to during your stay to ensure continued upkeep of both. It is not recommended that you use the pool for one hour after chemicals have been added. A net is provided in most properties for removing leaves blown in by the wind. Please feel free to use it. Garden and pool maintenance contractors visit on average once per week.

Swimming Pool Safety

    <div class="style1">Whilst a source of immense pleasure in hot weather, swimming pools can 
    also be a potential danger. Do not leave children unattended in or around 
    the pool area. Armbands should be worn until they are competent swimmers. 
    Ensure you and your family are all well aware of the depths at each end 
    of the pool.</div><hr>
  <span align="left" class="style3">Suntan   Oil </span>
  <div align="justify" class="style1">We ask that 
    you DO NOT sit on upholstered furniture with suntan oil on your body. 
    Before swimming PLEASE SHOWER so that excess suntan oil does not block 
    the pool filter system. PLEASE ALSO BE AWARE that suntan oil combined 
    with chlorinated water and high temperatures can cause discolouration 
    to clothing and in extreme cases to hair. When lying on sun beds please 
    place a towel on the mattress to protect against damage by suntan oil. 
    Please try to protect the owners property. Happy Sun Bathing!</div>

  <span class="style3">Medical  Assistance </span>
  <div align="justify" class="style1">For an emergency 
    ambulance dial <b>112</b>.</br>
    For medication there is a chemist in Almancil (map ref E6), which is run by very helpful multi-lingual staff. They can offer good advice on minor ailments. If the chemist is closed there is usually a note on the door giving details of an alternative duty chemist who will be available even 
    at night. The local English doctor is Dr. Robin Thomson whose surgery can be found at Vilar do Golf - Tel: <b>289 398 411</b> (Quinta do Lago,  map ref L8) or Vale do Lobo - Tel: <b>289 398 009 / 289 353 535</b> (next to the supermarket on entering Vale do Lobo, map ref I 3). The emergency out of hours telephone number is <b>917 214 326</b>.</div><hr>

<img src="" width="287" height="231" align="left"><span class="style3">Barbecues</span>
  <div align="justify" class="style1">If a barbeque  is provided simply place charcoal with fire lighters on the heavy metal  bottom grid. Light up and when red (at night) or grey (during the day) 
    start cooking your food on the upper grid which has handles. Use the bottom position for quickly sealing meats etc. and the upper position for subsequent cooking. Fat deposits are left on grills to prevent food sticking and 
    rust forming. For best results heat BBQ well before commencing cooking. Dowse any flames down with a little water to save your food being charred. 
    Ensure the ashes are COLD before disposing in the dustbin. If you would like to hire a BBQ, please contact our office. </div></br></br><hr>
  <span class="style3">Water/Electricity/Gas<img src="" width="185" height="161" align="right"></span></br> 

  <div align="justify" class="style1">

The water is generally safe to drink but may not taste to your liking in which case bottled water is readily available in all supermarkets. Most water is provided from boreholes.

Electricity voltage is 220v. Appliances from the UK do work but will require an adapter plug for the different style of sockets. Adapters can be purchased in hardware stores. The electricity is generally reliable. Power cuts do occur but do not usually last for long. In the event of power failure always check if the 'trip switch' has switched off. If so, return it to the “on” position. If the problem persists contact the Villa Club representative. If there is a general electricity cut, gas hobs will still work for cooking and candles and matches may often be found in one of the kitchen cupboards. Please ensure that all candles are extinguished before going to bed.

Gas is provided from bottles which are usually stored outside. If the gas pressure drops please order a new bottle from our office or ask at your local reception. Some properties have a spare gas bottle in which case the bottles simply have to be changed.

<div align="justify" class=2style3"Heating
During any cold weather, please feel free to use the heaters provided. Wood burning fires (where installed) can be very effective at warming the rooms. These fires burn any scraps of wood or fir cones etc. Logs can be ordered through our office or purchased from a large supermarket such as 'Apolonia', map ref D5. After lighting the fire in the normal way (fire lighters can be purchased at local shops), simply close the glass front and make sure the vents at the bottom of the fire are open. Avoid leaving the door of the fire open since the room may fill with unpleasant smoke. Please take care when opening and closing the glass door. A charge will be incurred if there is any damage made to this special glass.

Overseas Calls
To telephone the UK dial 00 44 followed by the telephone number without the initial 0 of the area code. For example, to dial the London number 0207 123 4567, you must dial 0044 207123 4567. Other useful codes are:

Australia 00 61
Germany 00 49
Holland 00 31
Austria 00 43
Hong Kong 00 852
Belgium00 32
India 00 91
Spain 00 34
Denmark 00 45
Ireland 00 353
Sweden 00 46
Finland 00 358
Italy 00 39
Switzerland 00 41
France 00 33
Japan 00 81
USA 00 1
If you have an internal telephone, dial 0 first to obtain an outside line. Note that telephone calls are expensive from Portugal. The International code for Portugal is 00 351.

Telephone Charges

Direct telephone lines are normally metered. Meters are read prior to arrival and on departure. Costs incurred are debited to your damage deposit after departure. Please see property information for details of costs.


Some windows you will find are fitted with mosquito nets. It is advisable to keep these closed at all times. To avoid being bitten during the night we suggest you close the bedroom windows, at least 15 minutes before going to bed and spray the room with a mosquito repellent. Avoid opening windows whilst there are lights on, lights attract mosquitoes! A suitable product to buy is DUMDUM, which can be bought at most supermarkets. An alternative and possibly more pleasant product to use is a 'plug in' mosquito repellent which can be found in most good supermarkets.
If there is a problem with ants, a suitable product to purchase is BAYGON. Once again this can normally be purchased at your local supermarket. Avoid leaving food on work surfaces as ants can smell food at long distances. Food left exposed will attract ants.
A re-occurring problem each Spring is the 'Processionary Caterpillar'. These are brown and hairy. They group together when stationary and form long lines when on the move (hence their name). Many people find they are extremely allergic to them. You should always avoid touching them or being in close proximity to them. Symptoms include red itchy patches on the skin. If you have a severe reaction or the eyes are affected, please consult a doctor.

You will notice the floors are tiled/marble and are therefore easily damaged by golf shoes. Please also be aware that when wet, they can be quite slippery!

banking in the algarveBanks
Normal opening times 08.30 - 15.00. Most banks in the area will cash Travellers Cheques, Euro Cheques and Cash - remember they will require your passport for any transactions. Cash points (Hole in the Wall) will accept most UK cash point cards, in Portugal they are referred to as a 'Multibanco'. Apart from Banks, cash points are also located within many of the large commercial shopping centres.

Ensure that you always carry car documents with you at all times, including car hire documents, passport and drivers licence. There is an ‘on the spot’ fine if you fail to produce any documents when stopped. The wearing of seat belts is compulsory, (seat belts must also be worn in the back if provided). Remember to drive on the right hand side of the road. You must give way to traffic coming from the right. When approaching traffic lights - beware of a flashing amber light - this means that you can continue, but with caution! Do not DRINK & DRIVE! Besides a heavy fine, you may lose your licence and spend a night in the local jail! Be aware of speed limits:- 50kph built up areas - 90kph dual carriageways - 120kph motorways.
To get yourself home safely, please call one of the local taxi firms on either 289 352 525 for AlgarveT or 289 399 000 for Algar Taxis.
Motorway tolls and charges

The motorway that runs across the Algarve "A22" had tolls introduced in 2011. If you use the motorway you will have go to the post office within 5 days, quote your registration number and pay. The cost from Loule to Lagos on the west side of the Algarve is about €10. If you take the motorway north to Lisbon you have to pay at the point of exit. Any part of your journey up north that is on the A22 must be paid at the post office. If you have hired a car your car hire company can provide you with more information.
Please advise of any breakages that occur during your stay, this ensures that any items broken or missing can be replaced immediately.

Private linen Cupboard

You will find that the cupboard where the linen is stored is always locked, it is for the maids use only. If you require extra linen, cleaning or any other items, please contact our office. Additional charges will be levied for extras. Do not attempt to open or force the cupboards. If forced or damaged, an amount of 70 Euros will be charged. The aforementioned applies also to owners private cupboards. Sometimes owners wish to keep certain items locked away, these are considered private items.

You will find details of a varied selection of local restaurants in the Central Algarve Magazine. Some of the best fish dishes can be found here in Portugal, so try them out! Local wines are inexpensive. For details of restaurants offering discounts to Villa Club clients, please refer to our ‘Bonus Card’ flyer.

Shopping Book your food pack on line
Air conditioned supermarkets can be found at the entrance to Vale do Lobo and the ‘Bouganvillea Shopping Centre’. The latter two shopping centres also offer a range of boutiques and gift shops.
You will find a good selection of supermarkets in and around the area, offering all daily essentials and fresh food.
Apolonia -
Located on the road leading from Almancil high street, this leading store offers a wide range of quality, fresh produce. It has a super fresh fish counter, butcher, bakery, delicatessen and sushi counter. Apolonia also stocks a great range of your favourite brands from the UK.Map Ref D5.
Pingo Doce-
This is a very popular supermarket which also provides a take-away service for cooked meals and has a great value restaurant. Pingo Doce is located in Almancil
Aldi Supermarket

Aldi -

Located almost next door to Apolonia. Those familiar with Aldi, will know it offers good value yet limited range of groceries. Certainly the drink, fruit and vegetables here are the best value around. Map Ref D5
  <span align="justify" class="style5"><img src="" width="147" height="112" align="left"alt="supermarket in the Algarve">Continente - Loule</span>
   <div align="justify" class="style1">If you are ever in the Loul&eacute; area, or fancy a drive, then a visit to Continente  is a must. You will find here the largest selection of food, drink and 
    daily essentials plus products tend to be very well priced. It is a huge supermarket and can be very busy however we highly recommend it for those wanting to do a particularly 'big' shop. To get to Continente, take the road to Loul&eacute; from the centre of Almancil. Head through Vale Formoso  and on arriving in Loul&eacute; turn right at the second large roundabout. 
    Follow the signs to S&atilde;o Bras do Alportel. At the next roundabout, you will see Continente.</div>


<div align="justify" class="style1">For the morning papers there newsagents located in Vale do Lobo reception, Quinta shopping and Buganvillia Plaza. You'll also find one in Almancil next to the post office.</div>

   <span align="left" class="style3">Local Chemist</span><div align="justify" class="style1">There are serveral chemist around Almancil and one in Quinta Shopping. There are two in Almancil that between them open late and at the weekends.<img src="" width="228" height="137" align="right" alt="Sign for Chemist"><p>Late Night Chemist </p>
  • Paula, Rua do Comercio Tel: 289 358952
  • Nobre Passos, Avenida 5 de Octubro (High Street) Tel: 289 395611

    <span align="justify" class="style3">Departure  Day</span>
 <div align="justify" class="style5">AS WE REQUIRE 
  <div align="justify" class="style3"><img src="" width="133" height="136" align="left"alt="key collection">Returning 
  <div align="justify" class="style1">If you are  returning the keys of your villa/apartment to Villas &amp; Vacations, 
    our opening times are 09.00 to 18.00 Monday to Friday and 09.00 to 13.00 
  <span align="left" class="style3">Villa Club Activities</span>
  <div align="justify" class="style1"> Come and visit our tennis clubhouse. Here you will find a welcoming and relaxed environment 
    to enjoy drinks with your friends and refreshments after a game of tennis. 
    There are 4 all-weather tennis courts that are available for hire. Balls 
    are provided and rackets can be hired. The bar serves drinks and good 
    value snacks and has direct access to our outdoor swimming pool, providing 
    the opportunity for a swim if you wish. We also have a fun, safe play 
    area for children to enjoy while you relax. Please contact our Tennis 
    Desk for more information on sessions and court hire on <b>289 390 518</b>, 
    or ask reception at the time of your stay for full details. </div><hr>
<span class="style3">Outdoor Activities</span>
  <div align="justify" class="style1">We can assist 
    you in reserving extras such as Zoomarine tickets and Golf sessions. Contact 
    our reception for more information. You will find our golf reservation 
    assistance particularly helpful as this can become quite time consuming 
    if you are booking multiple sessions at busy times of the year. Let us 
    take the hassle for you, allowing you to just turn up and play! Please 
    call <b>289 390 500</b> for more information. In this book there is also information regarding cycle hire, tennis, walking, diving and much more.</div><hr>
  <span align="left" class="style3"><img src="" width="226" height="149" align="right"alt="worship in the algarve">Worship</span>
  <div align="justify" class="style1">Lagoa Christian 
    Fellowship Contemporary worship and Christ-centred Bible study. &#145;God 
    Squad&#146; for kids, toddler to pre-teen. Service Sundays 11am. EN125 
    Vale de Lousas, Alcantarilha. Call Pastor Al&iacute;pio Amaral on 968 
    801 237 or visit <a href=""><i></i></a> 
    for more information.<p>
  International Evangelical Church: Sunday services at 10.30am, Vale Judeu (EN125, 4th 
    left from Vilamoura traffic lights). Cr&egrave;che and Sunday school. 
    Details Pastor Peter Sluimer on 289 328 635</p>
 <p>7th Day Adventist  Church Sabbath, 10am. Portim&atilde;o: Rua das Oliveiras, 49. Lagoa: Rua 
    Carlos da Maia, Lt 9. Albufeira: Rua do Mediterr&acirc;neo (next to Modelo) 
 282 492 051</p>
  <p> Jehovah&#146;s  Witnesses English meetings, Sundays at 10.15am. Albufeira English Congregation 
    Tel: 282 442 279. No collection.</p>
  <p >CATHOLIC MASS every Sunday. Partly in English 11am, St. Louren&ccedil;o Church, Almancil. 
    6.30pm at Four Seasons Country Club, Quinta do Lago. Contact International 
    Catholic Community of Almancil. Tel Griselda Neto on 966 168 120 
    or email Vitor on for more information.</font></p>
    - St. Vincent&#146;s Anglican Chaplaincy. Holy Communion every Sunday 
    in our three congregations: 11:30 St Luke&#146;s, Monte de Palhagueira, 
    Gorj&otilde;es (Near Sta Barbara) Contact Sandra 289 791 699and 
    <b>919 055 959</b>. 9:30 Igreja N Sra de F&aacute;tima, EN125 between 
    Quatro Estradas &amp; Almancil. Contact Rosie 289 328 302. 8:00 
    and 12noon Igreja N Sra da Luz, Praia da Luz (near Lagos) with Sunday 
    School. Contact Joyce 282 788 104 or visit <i><a href=""></a></i> 
    for more information.</p>
    SERVICES - Erev Shabbat Services, call <b>282 416 710 </b>for more information.</p>
    CHURCH. Contemporary, Evangelical worship. Sundays, 10.30am Holy Communion 
    with Cr&ecirc;che and Adventurers at Community Centre, Almancil. Contact 
    <b>282 380 311</b> or <b>282 101 018</b> or visit <i><a href=""></a>
    </i>for more information.</p>
    CHURCH (Albufeira). Sunday service at 5pm. Montechoro, 200m north of bullring 
    circle. Tel Pastor Mark Pereira <b>964 860 765</b>.</font></p>
  <p>SGI Buddist members 
    or anyone wishing to find out about this branch of Contemporary Buddism 
    contact <b>919 794 333</b> or visit <i><a href=""></a></i> 
    for more information.</p></div><hr>
  <span class="style3">On Your Day of Departure </span>
  <div align="justify" class="style1">As already 
    stated, we ask you depart your accommodation at 10h00. Should you have 
    a late flight may we suggest you make use of the facilities on offer at 
    the Villa Club Centre. Luggage can be left at the centre until time of 
    departure to the airport. Showers and changing facilities are available 
    including the hire of towels. The Centre also has a bar for light refreshments 
    and snacks.
    <span class="style3">EMERGENCIES </span>
  <div align="justify" class="style1">During office 
    hours please call the reception (times as previously advised).
    In the event of any real emergency outside office hours - (i.e. flood, 
    no electricity) you can contact our Duty Manager on our Direct line emergency 
    number<b> 289 390 509</b>. Once dialled this number will ring 4 or 5 times 
    and then will automatically connect you to the mobile number.</div>
  <div align="center" class="style4">
    We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay</div>    </td>

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