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Travel Trust Association (TTA)


The TTA is a trade association of Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Travel Organisers, that operate trust accounts, in order to provide financial protection for the consumer. The TTA lays down strict guide-lines on how customer funds may be handled and each member must adhere to these guide-lines.

Your funds are 100% financially protected. Each Travel Trust Association Member provides total financial protection to both the principal and consumer in all bookings. This is done in two stages:

  • Every TTA Member operates a trust account. This is an independent bank account to which an independent third party has been appointed Trustee. Members appoint either a Chartered or Certified Accountant, Solicitor or Banker as their Trustee. Funds are placed in this account for each consumer's total financial protection.
  • The TTA Travel Protection Plan is a unique fidelity coverage that covers all clients booking with TTA Members up to £11,000 per passenger, should the funds the consumer placed with the TTA Member, not be in the Trust Account, or not been given to the Principal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Who are the Travel Trust Association (TTA)?

A The TTA is a trade association of Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Travel Organisers, that operate trust accounts, in order to provide total financial protection for the consumer.

Q What is a Trust Account?

A A Trust Account is a bank account which has been identified as holding the funds of a third party, in this case Villa Club. The Trust Account acts as a conduit to hold funds on behalf of all parties until the services are provided or someone else becomes responsible for the protection of those funds. Each TTA Member has a Trustee who authorises, in conjunction with the Member, the release of funds from the Trust Account. Each TTA Member has their own Trust Account; unlike other organisations the TTA does not operate one central account.

Q Who is the Trustee?

A The TTA uses TTA Trustees UK Ltd an independent trustee services accountancy company as Trustee for all TTA Members.

Q How does the Trust Account protect the consumer?

A Every TTA Member signs a Trust Deed that outlines how funds received from the consumer are treated.

Q How do principals (Approved Suppliers) or consumer claim?

A The TTA will become directly involved in this matter. If a consumer or principal informs the TTA that a TTA Member has not acted in accordance with the Trust Deed or Code of Conduct then the TTA will demand a reconciliation of the Trust Account and begin proceeding in accordance with the Code of Conduct. In many instances this can be resolved, as it is an error or mistake on the part of the TTA Member.

Q What about errors and omissions?

A Every TTA Member and Trustee has professional indemnity insurance that covers any errors and omission particularly "failure to insure". This means the principal and the consumer are protected from genuine mistakes.