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More   Directions from Faro Airport N 37.06553, W8.04869

Brief Summary

Leave the airport take the signs to Loule/Portimo. Turn right and go west along the EN125 in the direction of Loule. Continue until you see signs to Almancil town centre. Go through the centre and turn left towards Quarteira at second roundabout. Take signs to Vale do Lobo to our offices.

Kilometre Chart

  • Tom Tom / GPS location N 37.06553, W 8.04869
  • Address: Estrada do Vale do Lobo, Corgo da Zorra, 8135-160 Almancil, Algarve
  • Link to Google Map Directions

The easy way! At the airport set your 'trip' kilometre meter to zero and keep track of the distances travelled in the left hand column - you can't go wrong!

Sign/Direction Description
Faro/Portimão Depart Faro Airport
Portimão Go over flyover, turn off to join dual carriageway travelling west.
N125 Almancil Turn off right to Almancil
Almancil Again turn off right to Almancil
Centre of Almancil Travel through mini roundabout and continue up hill through town.
Quarteira Turn left at larger roundabout
Avia Garage Continue past petrol station
Vale do Lobo Turn left at roundabout (styled to look like a golf green) to Vale do Lobo.
16.5 Villas & Vacations Look out for tennis courts and large blue and white signs on left. You're there!

Detailed Instructions

Leaving the Airport: Follow the SAIDA (which means "Exit") signs. Follow initally FARO and the A22 (motorway).
The road from the airport is a good quality dual carriageway. Proceed to the main intersection with the EN125. Pass by the first sign to Faro and take the next junction to LISBOA, PORTIMAO, LOULE. On taking this exit, the road curves sharply around to the right off the flyover and merges with the road underneath. Continue westbound towards PORTIMAO on the road EN125 on the dual carriageway.

Take the EN125 to Portimao: Continue along this road for about 5 minutes passing straight through several sets of traffic lights. Some landmarks along the way are: GALP petrol station (on right); MAXMAT (on left); PORCHE (on left). Eventually you arrive at some large signs showing the motorway A22 and Loule ahead and EN125 ALMANCIL 250m to the right. Branch right to ALMANCIL.

Take the signs to Almancil: The Almancil road takes you up and over the road you have just left. Continue straight on passing these landmarks along the way: TRICANA (on left), Sao Lourenao church high on your right side. Just after the church you will see a sign to the right signposted ALMANCIL (Lisboa and Portimao are straight on ). Take this exit which again takes you up and over the road you've just exited.

Through Almancil town centre: Pass by a large furniture shop ALGARMOVEIS (on right) and continue into the centre of ALMANCIL. At the centre of ALMANCIL there is a mini-roundabout. Continue straight on through the town and up a slight hill past various shops.

At the next roundabout turn left towards Quarteira: At the brow of the hill turn left at the roundabout signposted QUARTEIRA and VALE DO LOBO. Continue down this road passing the AVIA petrol station (on left). At the next roundabout (which is styled to look like a golf green!) turn left to RIA PARK HOTEL and VALE DO LOBO 4Km.

Go towards Vale do Lobo: Pass a number of restaurants including BELA ROSA (on right) and TAPAS & VINHOS (on left), and WILD CHICKEN restaurant (on left), you will eventually see a VILLAS & VACATIONS 100m sign to your left and our tennis club. Turn left into the Villas & Vacations car park and go into our reception.

Reception Closed? If you arrive outside normal office hours and the reception is closed, there is an external telephone (coloured bright yellow) on the wall on the left side of the office; use it to contact our duty manager.

Visit our Clubhouse! You could also drive into the Tennis and Fitness Centre car park which is through the large gates to the right of the office. It's a great place to wait for the duty manager. It's open every day until around 8pm or so, so please make yourself at home and use the toilet facilities and bar etc.

Note: The journey from the airport should have taken you approximately 20 minutes.

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