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Villa Club/Villas & Vacations have been renting and managing properties here in the Algarve for the past 25 years. We have over 18,000 villa and apartment rental bookings to date, many repeat clients and contracts with major tour operators to the Algarve, proving our property management is both well established and of consistent quality.

By having your property rented and managed by Villas & Vacations you have one point of contact. We have invested in the latest computer technology and aided by our in-house rental and property management system our trained staff have all the information available to answer your queries efficiently and without delay.

As the largest independent Rental Agency in this area, we are well positioned to achieve a good level of rental income. Our staff will advise and make recommendations on how to improve your property in order to maximise your rental bookings.

Property Management Service

Our property management service is designed to provide the right level of service for you and your property. The key element to our service is your Property Manager. Our property managers regularly inspect and systematically check on all aspects of your property.

  • Security
  • House keeping
  • Maintenance
  • Electrical appliances
  • Service contractors i.e. pool and garden maintenance
  • Inventory
  • Guest arrivals & property readiness

Before commencing the management of your property you can, if you wish, agree a schedule of items for regular inspection with your Property Manager. This can range from checking irrigation settings to watering of internal plants.

In addition to your Property Manager, a specific maid will be appointed to your property who will visit once per week, when the property is not occupied, to carry out general airing and cleaning. This will ensure the property is always in readiness for any last minute occupation.

Bill Payments

All bills presented to us such as electricity, telephone, pool and garden maintenance are paid by us on your behalf and then debited to your personal account. This service ensures that bills are paid promptly and we can attend to any necessary contact with the service provider. Each month you will receive an itemised statement of account.

Local Authorities

With our experience and local knowledge we can liaise with any of the local authorities regarding your property. We can 'speed up' such items as telephone installation or any other feature you wish to have added to your property. Any legal matters or tax returns etc. can usually be referred to our advisors at preferential rates. As a 'non-resident' owner of a property in Portugal by law, you must appoint a Fiscal Representative here in Portugal. This we can also assist you with.

Owners Discount Card

All property owners will receive a Bonus Card offering discounts at our Villa Club facilities:

  • Algarve Tennis & Fitness Club - Reduced court fees, discounted tennis lessons

Club House

Discount on food & drinks

Selected Local Business & Restaurants - offer up to 10% on purchases

Fees for providing the above service

Property Type Bedrooms Price per month (Euros)
Apartments 1 or 2 €125
Townhouses 2 or 3 €135
Villa 3 €155
Villa 4 €175
Villa 5 €210
* Includes weekly visit by maid and IVA

Additional Services

Cleaning, Maid & Laundry Service

We provide a complete cleaning, maid and laundry service whilst you or your guests are in occupation. Our housekeeping staff is backed up by our own laundry facility and mobile telephones keep them in constant contact with our main office. Daily maid service is charged at €14 per hour and laundry, if removed to our laundry at €4.25 per kilo. Prices quoted include IVA.

Our Prices during Rental Occupation

If you decide to rent your property, we have a fixed charge per day occupied during the rental period. This charge includes:

  • maid hours
  • cleaning products
  • general laundry (i.e. sheets/towels)
  • travel time and IVA.
Size of Property Cost per day occupied
2 Bedroom €22.00
3 Bedroom €30.00
4 Bedroom €35.50
5 Bedroom €45.00
6 Bedroom €75.00
_ _

Supplementary Factors

The above prices are for an average property and, in some cases, these will be subject to supplementary charges:

Supplement for: %
Villas upto 3 bedrooms 5%
Beach Towels 5%
More bathrooms than bedrooms 5%
Covered area greater than 400m² 5%
Plot size greater than 1700m² 5%
5 Star villas either inside or out 5%
* The total percentage factors added to the daily rate will not exceed 20%

Maintenance and window cleaning

A monthly visit can be made to clean windows on the outside (where possible), pressure wash all terraces and ensure terrace drains clear of blockages. There is a fixed cost for this service when provided on a monthly basis, which will be debited to your account. Prices quoted are subject to IVA. Less frequent visits can be organized by agreement however costs involved will be dependent upon the frequency of visits.
This service will automatically be performed once per month to properties within our rental programme.

Size of Property 1 Bed 2 Bed 3 Bed 4 Bed 5 Bed
Cost per day €35 €35 €45 €55 €70
*All prices in EUROS (incl. IVA)


Villa Club have a dedicated team of maintenance personnel able to carry out most minor repairs. Small maintenance work is charged at €43 per hour plus materials. There is a minimum charge of €90 for call out after 6 p.m. and at weekends. Whenever possible authorisation will be sought for work that may exceed a cost of €250.


We strongly recommend that you have an inventory agreed at the start of the contract. Once completed a copy will be kept by Villa Club. Please note that the complete inventory will not be checked after each rental booking. We would suggest that a new inventory is completed every couple of years.

Pool and Garden

If you have a preferred garden or pool maintenance contractor, we are happy to continue with them and ensure they provide the service as per their contract. Alternatively we can arrange a good and reliable contractor to ensure that you are guaranteed a competitive price and a service which has been vetted by Villa Club.

Cost of pool maintenance via Villa Club's preferred contractor:-

Pool Size Price (Euros Plus IVA)
9 x 4m €85
10 x 5m €105
12 x 6m €130
Heated Pools: add €20 to above


Work carried out by your Property Manager above and beyond normal duties will be charged at €15 plus IVA per hour.

Meeting of private guests/clients and providing key collection

Time Price (Euros)
During office hours €30
Outside office hours €60
*Prices quoted include IVA


If you intend to market your property for rental we strongly recommend you apply for a local rental licence "AL Licence". Properties for rental are legally required to meet general standards in relation to privacy, safety and hygiene.
To obtain this licence certified copies of floor plans, gas and electricity certificates, habitation licence and tax certificate are required. Properties must also possess a 'complaints book'.

If you wish Villa Club to apply for the licence on your behalf, the cost is €1000 plus IVA. (not including town hall fees, gas and electricity certificates.

Peace-of-Mind Service

For clients that do not require the full management service, maybe because you wish to sell the property or you have your own private maid. This service includes a monthly property inspection our key holder service, discount maintenance service and a free Bonus card which gives you discounts to our tennis centre.

Property Type Bedrooms Price per month incl. IVA
Apartments 1 or 2 €36
Townhouses 2 or 3 €48
Villa 3 €60
Villa 4 €72
Villa 5 €85
* All prices in EUROS (incl. IVA)

Terms & conditions

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