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Swimming Pools

Great care must be taken at all times when around and using a swimming pool, if there is one for your use at the property. You remain responsible for the safety of those using the pool at all times. You are recommended to never allow small children and non- swimmers in or around the pool un-supervised, nor to use the pool under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Always familiarise all members of your party with the shallow and deep end of the pool. The pool will need to be cleaned and serviced during your stay. There will also be a pool net so you can remove leaves, etc., which may blow into the pool. When the pool engineer arrives, for safety reasons and to allow him to adequately perform his duties, the pool must not be used for the duration of his visit or if advised, for a period of time thereafter due to chemicals having been added. Please note that some engineers may arrive as early as 8.00am.


The following information is intended to offer help and advice when considering or deciding to have the pool at your villa heated

Q: What about weather conditions?
A: The weather obviously has a profound effect on the temperature of the pool and clients should be aware that heavy rain can often nullify the effects of pool heating. Also it is unrealistic to expect the pool heating to warm the water more that 8ºC above the average air temperature. Therefore if the average air temperature is say 12ºc then the pool temperature is unlikely to reach a comfortable temperature.

Q: Is pool heating effective all year round?
A: Owners of properties usually install pool heating to extend the use of the pool from June/Sep to include Apr/May/Oct. Between November and March the normal pool heating equipment might not be adequate to heat the pool to a comfortable temperature. Therefore paying a pool heating supplement at this time may not prove value for money.

Q: What if the client pays the pool heating supplement, but the weather is so bad he does not wish to use the pool?
A: The expense of heating a pool is incurred in the first couple of days therefore the client will not receive a refund irrespective of the weather and what temperature the pool reaches.

Q: What if the pool cover is left off at night?
A: This will obviously effect the temperature of the pool and the effectiveness of any pool heating. If the cover is left off, no complaints regarding the effectiveness of the pool heating and the temperature of the pool will be entertained. Not all pools come with a cover so please check at the time of booking.

Q: What if the pool heating system fails during the client´s stay?
A: If the client has pre-paid the pool heating supplement and the heating system fails the client will be awarded a pro-rata refund provided we are informed of the failure at that time.

Q: Will the pool cover heat the pool without paying for the heat pump?
A:Pool covers certainly help to keep in the heat, especially at night. If the cover is removed during the day and replaced in the evening, this will certainly help to maintain the day time temperature.

Pool heating is a additional extra when renting a villa. Not all our properties have this facility and the charge is normally around £200 per week. The minimum period for pool heating is seven days. Thereafter the charge will be pro rota.



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