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Sociedade de Mediacao Imobiliaria Lda (AMI 715)

Estimated Annual Running Costs for Property - Ref: 6585

These are some of the typical cost headings that you might expect to budget for with this type of property.

Some the items are optional and others will depend on the quality of the service. For example,

  • Telephone. Some owners elect to simply use their own mobile phone rather than contract for a fixed line.
  • TV. Opt for the free satellite channels instead of paying monthly charges for the Sky package.
  • Heating, Lighting, Water. The consumption of these items can depend on the occupation of the property and, even so, can be strongly influenced by the owner''s own choices for economy.
  • Items such as cleaning charges and property management also clearly depend on personal choice.

These choices are cummulative and can make a significant difference to your outgoings. For this reason we have marked the more essential fixed costs with an asterisk *.

Area NameVila Sol Area
Fiscal Representation *242
Community Charges: Condominium *
  - Central Gardens, Swimming Pool Maintenance, Road maintenance, Security
IMI Tax - Local Government Rates *6,875
Pool Maintenance1,000
Garden Maintenance2,400
Sat TV (if available)360
Electricity (occupied)1,152
Water (incl Pool)1,833
Telephone Line Rental300
Property Management / Bill Payment900
Cleaning - Minimal weekly visit900

Note: The above estimates are derived from the characteristics of the property and do not represent actual historic cost information; they are therefore subject to error and should only be used as a guide.

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Villas & Vacations Sociedade de Mediacao Imobiliaria Lda (Licenca 715 - AMI)
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Countryside 3000m 2
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Vila Sol 1640m 2